loqui encrypted messaging and video calls

Encrypted Disappearing Messages

Now featuring video messages
loqui  messenger transmits encrypted text, photo and file data over secure internet connections, either relayed over loqui  servers or directly from device to device using peer-to-peer data-channels.
For security, messages are encrypted at all times and can be deleted at any time. To ensure privacy, loqui  does not record server activity and does not store meta data.
Here is an overview of the interface and a description of loqui  messenger's functions ...
Inbox is your list of stored conversations.
Select one, or  Start New.
 Green marks messages you have read.
 red marks messages you have not read.
Messages Dialog
Return to Inbox.
Delete these messages.
Video Call.
Select photo (or file, when P2P connected).
Record a video message.
Device location in Google map.
To start a new conversation, select from your Contacts list.

Message Storage, Privacy & Security

loqui  messages are encrypted the moment they are posted and stay that way under transport, whether relayed via the webserver or direct to the P2P-connected device.
Not P2P connected
Without P2P connection, encrypted messages are relayed via the webserver and deleleted upon collection. (In active chat session, typically 1 - 2 secs on the server).
P2P connected ("In a Call")
When P2P connected, voice + video and message data flow under true end-to-end encryption over webRTC peer-to-peer connections, directly between devices - not via a webserver.
loqui  messages are stored encrypted on the devices they are created/received on, not on the webserver. Users can delete messages individually or delete entire conversations.
This pins your location on Google Maps and creates a link that can be sent in a message. It's a one-time-per-click operation which cannot track you further.
WebRTC Privacy and Security
WebRTC connects browsers together in encrypted private networks in which media data flows directly between the connected devices.
WebRTC peer-to-peer connections enable
  • Voice calls - audio only
  • Video calls - video and audio
  • P2P messaging - text and file transfer
  • One-to-one or small group calls
WebRTC provides the most secure encrypted messaging method imaginable, privacy and security protected by the very nature of the technology.
loqui  does not use tracking technologies of any kind.