loqui encrypted messaging and video calls

Help and F.A.Q.

Messenger and Video Chat are loqui's main functions - Settings and Contacts are for managing your account.


Support is available in everyone's Contacts list - message or video-call anytime, or email


loqui  messages are encrypted and stored only on the sending and receiving devices and can be deleted at any time. There are no copies.
The messenger supports text, photos and video calls plus file-transfer and one-time Google-map location pin-pointing without tracking.
Encrypted Disappearing Messages

Video Chat

loqui  video chat establishes completely private and secure peer-to-peer connections directly between browsers, supporting groups of up to six.
Features include screen-share, video-recording, video-playback, Auto Answer, snapshots and choice of connected webcams and microphones.
Private Video Chat


On the Settings page you can change your password and select which notifications you want.
Push-notifications for incoming messages and video calls, incoming and accepted Contact Requests alert you when someone contacts you. loqui  will never send you notifications for anything else.


The Contacts page contains functions for building and maintaining your loqui  contacts list.
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loqui  does not use tracking technologies of any kind.