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Mission Statement

  Innovator Jaron Lanier, early pioneer of virtual reality and present-day critic of social media says: "We cannot have a society in which, if two people want to communicate, the only way that can happen is if it's financed by a 3rd person who wishes to manipulate them".
loqui  is here to provide a 100% private and secure communications environment completely free of all forms of external influence.
  Wherever ads appear on a website or in an app - even one touting "end-to-end encryption" - we are being tracked and manipulated. Meta-data - who called who, at what time, for how long and on what device? - is the very least "big data" that they collect.
  They want your name, they want your phone-number, they want your email-address, they want your location - they want your soul :(
  Every new data-point is added to the incredibly detailed volume of personal information these companies have about us so that their algorithms can track us around the web, manipulate the content of web-pages we see and push "targeted ads" at us everywhere we go.

Breach of Privacy

  Even worse than this de-humanizing commercialization of our online lives is that all this personal information is for sale to anyone who wants to buy it - an atrocious breach of personal privacy.
  The ad-tech industry, governments and law-enforcement agencies all have their vested interests in knowing everything about us - even what we say in private chats!  Some even want to ban encrypted online communications altogether.
loqui  contends that everyone has the absolute right to privacy in conversation. Therefore, we employ encryption-technology solutions to maximize security and minimize vulnerabilities.
  • Encryption:
  • Messages are encrypted at all times. Any which are relayed over loqui  servers are deleted on collection and can also be deleted on sending/receiving devices, leaving no trace.
  • WebRTC:
  • WebRTC technology exchanges encrypted media streams and text/file data over impenetrable peer-to-peer connections.
  • Passwords:
  • Passwords are hashed (scrambled) by an alogorithm that cannot be reversed.
  • Server logs:
  • Logging of server-activity is turned off and meta-data is discarded - we have no records.
loqui  - Uncompromised secure and private communications.
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loqui  does not use tracking technologies of any kind.