loqui encrypted messaging and video calls

Privacy Policy

  "private" - Oxford dictionary:
belonging to or for the use of a particular person or group; not for public use"
  Conversations conducted over loqui  systems - text messages or voice / video calls - are entirely private in accordance with that dictionary definition. Perhaps even more so ...
  • Everything is encrypted
  • There is no eavesdropping
  • There are no records; other than in the participants' memories (and on their digital devices)
  Messages relayed over loqui  servers are deleted immediately upon reading.
  Messages sent peer-to-peer during voice / video calls are exchanged directly between the connected devices - without going via any web servers.
  Messages stored on the sending and receiving devices can be deleted at any time, leaving no trace.

Only Essential Data

  Usernames, encrypted passwords, contacts-lists, webcam / microphone preferences and notification settings are the only data-sets required for loqui  to operate.
  Nothing else is stored.
  Meta-data - technical information exchanged between browsers and web servers - is discarded. loqui  servers do not record any activiity.

No ads - no cookies

  Since there is no advertising on loqui , there are no 3rd-party cookies - the kind that help data-miners track you around the web.
  loqui  uses only one secure cookie which enables automatic log-in on return visits. That cookie is removed any time you log out. Otherwise, it expires 30 days after last log-in.

Your Responsibilties

  It is your responsibility to make a strong password and keep it secret.
  It is your responsibility to log-out of loqui  and / or to protect to your device with its own restricted-access system, such as a password or biometric ID.
  It is your responsibility to decide whether to delete or keep messages on your device.
~ ~ ~
loqui  does not use tracking technologies of any kind.